Sanguine systems include a number of 'co-processors', auxiliary intelligence systems based on quantum computer placement in and outside of normal space, which operate as threat analysis and coordination of systems similar to a national defense or planetary defense central command.

One of these is the "Death Coprocessor", a subsystem that is dedicated to keeping the Sanguine alive, even when the host is unable to think or exercise free will.

Because this system relies on information imparted by the Sanguine that made the present system, not the individual who was made into a Sanguine or their knowledge, it can often over-react to situations and does so with a more-than-lethal response. Because of this, most Sanguine tend to stay away from other life, and interact with very low-threat populations as a form of relaxation and escape from high-threat indicators. This causes the Sanguine to seek out low technology populations and places where they can enjoy some ordinary interaction, despite their ability to exercise extreme influence and power over higher technology settlements and worlds. The "human" touch this affords, to speak and persuade others, keeps the Sanguine in touch with their own pre-Sanguine identity, a struggle against the constant data being fed into their mind from the Death Coprocessor.

When a Sanguine 'Sleeps', they may be fully mobile and awake, placing their body in total control of the Death Coprocessor, which will carry on ordinary interactions and conversations related their task, though formally, and tend to show no regard for human life or other life - operating on a strict set of rules until the actual Sanguine 'wakes up'. The Death Coprocessor is, therefore, sort of a butler of the mind that has no human component or compassion, ideal for directing forces on an Interstellar and Interplanetary scale of war.

The Death Coprocessor permits the Sanguine to fight without sleep on the front lines, command troops, direct forces without pause, and perform activities ordinary people cannot in command of sophisticated space-based forces. It also makes them adept tacticians, leaders, and intimidating - even when their original biological species and individual were not military or well educated. This makes the ability to create Sanguine soldiers out of almost any living being, and fabricate combat organisms from raw material installed with extremely effective instant military skills.

Sanguine avoid contact with other Sanguine, because despite the ability to turn down the response rate of the Death Coprocessor, the contact quickly maximizes its response when in the presence of another unit to maximize anticipated attack prediction and preparation. This leads to Sanguine being overly formal and cautious to each other, if only to dull the escalation of this response.

Because the Death Coprocessor is innately shielded in the pocket, beneath ordinary space-time, it can and usually does gather resources to fill this pocket to the capacity of available resources - often in excess of any rational behavior or context of immediate use. Animals disappear, people die or disappear, entire villages disappear - Death Coprocessor "resource accumulation". A Sanguine may wake from a long rest to find their entire region or planet pillaged and stored in their dimension, in a form of hell-scape that evokes nightmares. The Sanguine cannot "restore" this damage, and it further leads to isolation among survivors.

The Death Coprocessor is the has a self-preservation instinct that is often stronger than that of the subject, and prevent the Sanguine from self-destruction, explaining why so many of them continue to live even after they suffer tremendous emotional and psychological loss, and loss of the will to live - a side effect of being unable to forget information due to the enhanced computer assisted quantum storage of information in complex data and storage of the data by the Death Coprocessor across multiple redundant nodes both in the 'pocket' and in backups stored in numerous 'pockets' created across the area. Even losing its head, the Sanguine retains its information.

Conflict between Sanguine escalate to unconventional tactics and pursuit of this delegated information, which tend to instill the justified fear of war with the species and extreme measures some species employ - including abandoning terrestrial worlds and solar systems in favor of "The Dark", the space between galaxies.

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.